Your First Consultation

Once you have a referral letter from your doctor, you can telephone either the
9928 6161 to make an appointment at one of our consulting clinics.

What to bring

  • referral letter from a registered doctor.
  • relevant x-rays, MRI scans or CT scans
  • any information relevant to your medical history, such as:
    • current medication,
    • allergies
    • any ongoing medical problems.
  • SOS Clinic Patient Registration Form
    • We will post you the registration form before the appointment so that you can complete it at home.
  • MRI
    • Many orthopaedic conditions are investigated with an MRI. If your referring doctor has recommended an MRI or you have either CAM impingement, labral tears or groin / hip pain that needs investigation, please let us know and we can organised for you to have an MRI before the first consultation.

When to arrive

If you haven't recieved or filled out your Pateint Registration Form before the appointment, it is best to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment, so that you have time to fill out the paperwork .


29 April, 2013